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What an amazing Crochet Planner. Can you believe it is a free download? Now I can finally track my projects, hooks and patterns. There’s even a gift giving guide to help me plan ahead for birthdays and Christmas.

Crochet Planner – Free Download

 Sign up at the top of this page for this free crochet planner you can use to plan and organize your crochet projects. Works as a crochet project planner, crochet gift planner, and a crochet journal. Plan for life, why not for crochet? I’ve been using the Happy Planner to get my home and work […] Read more…

Squishy and warm crochet cowl | Free pattern for an easy crochet cowl by Stitching Together.

All the Squish Cowl

It seems like summer is just starting but truth be told, it is already August and time to start planning for fall! Summer, where have you gone?  For real. One of my favorite parts of fall and winter is large, squishy scarves and cowls. Using a larger hook size is a great way to get […] Read more…

2 crochet chevron headbands laid out next to each other

Gray Skies Crochet Chevron Headband

This crochet chevron headband pattern looks great whether made with neutrals or bold colors. If you’ve never tackled a project with chevrons, this is a great place to start. Thankfully I made my peace with sewing in ends before I started the Gray Skies Chevron Headband! (No idea what I am talking about? Check out […] Read more…

Make this adorable toddler poncho with this free crochet pattern! Perfect for the tiny toddler in your life. Pattern calls for caron simply soft yarn.

Starburst Crochet Toddler Poncho | Free Crochet Pattern

Below is the free pattern for this adorable Starburst Crochet Toddler Poncho! If you have a toddler, had a toddler, been in the same room with a toddler, or even come so close as to see one on a YouTube video, you know that a toddler’s life phrase is “I WANT TO DO IT MYSELF!” […] Read more…

differently sized crochet ear savers

Easiest Crochet Ear Savers for Masks

A quick and easy crochet ear saver pattern that’s perfect for beginners! If you already know how to crochet a rectangle with single crochets and sew on some buttons, you can easily make these. Keep reading for the free crochet pattern. Earlier this week we had new cabinets delivered for the MIL suite which flooded […] Read more…

girl wearing pink crochet bolero with ruffles

The Kensington Crochet Bolero Pattern

You’ve come to the right place to learn how to make a crochet bolero (crochet shrug) for girls! This adorable crochet bolero pattern can be found entirely for free below in sizes for 2 to 14 year-old girls. You can also purchase an inexpensive printable version of this pattern here. Don’t forget to save the […] Read more…

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