Are you ready to tackle a tapestry crochet project? You can start your project with confidence using these 5 tapestry crochet tips. #tapestrycrochet #mosaiccrochet #hardcrochet

Tapestry Crochet Tips

Have you been intimidated by those gorgeous tapestry crochet patterns? It must be called hard crochet for a reason, right? Well,  as I have been working with tapestry crochet recently I have learned some tidbits that should be helpful to you. Before we get into the tapestry crochet tips, the biggest piece of advice I […] Read more…

How to single crochet rib stitch. Get the look of a knitted rib stitch with this simple single crochet technique

How to Single Crochet Rib Stitch

I love the look of knitted fabrics, but I prefer a hook to needles. I can knit, and I enjoy knitting but there is just something about crocheting that makes my mind and body relax! It’s a win-win for me when I can crochet some  fabrics to look like knits. Enter the single crochet rib […] Read more…

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