Easy Infinity scarf free crochet pattern perfect for a toddler or young kid. The varigated yarn makes the pattern stand out and makes it easily custimizable for a boy or a girl.

North Shore Crochet Kid Scarf

Quick, easy, cozy and ONE SKEIN! This North Shore Crochet Kid Scarf is a great match to the North Shore Crochet Kid Hat and has the same fun knitted look but it is all crochet. Easily finish this crochet scarf for kids in a weekend and your little boy or little girl will love it! […] Read more…

Easy warm hat with a messy bun option. Free crochet pattern!

North Shore Hat

Have you ever visited the North Shore of Lake Superior?  If you haven’t, you should consider adding it to your list of places to visit.  It is absolutely gorgeous and the vastness of the lake baffles my mind. This past week, we rented five cabins on the shore and enjoyed three (too short!) days with […] Read more…