Bored?  Here's what to crochet

We know the crochet can be one of the best boredom busters but sometimes you just need help knowing what to crochet.

Quick projects are usually best for the times you are bored. Hopefully the following ideas will give you some inspiration.

Kitchen Patterns

Dishcloths, mug cozies, and towel toppers are all fast projects that are useful.

Bath Patterns

Bath projects like washcloths and face scrubbies are also quick and useful projects.

Small Decorations 

This is perhaps the best one because they are FUN things to crochet.  You don't have to have a specific purpose for crocheting things like hearts, butterflies, stars and flowers.

Small Decor

Coasters and small baskets can add a lovely handmade touch to your home and they make great gifts.

New Stitch Patterns

Instead of crocheting a specific item, take some time to learn a new stitch pattern in order to beat the boredom blues.

Learn where you can find these crochet patterns and many more by following the link below!