Clover Amour Crochet Hook Review

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So you want to crochet faster and for a longer period of time without aching arms?  Crocheting faster and longer means MORE projects and more patterns and, maybe best of all, more yarn! YAAAASSSSSSS!

I know there are technique or posture changes you could make to help you improve your crocheting, but I would like to share with you the single (simple) change I made that has had the biggest difference in my crocheting.

I changed hooks!

What? That’s it?  Yup, that is it!

See the hooks that have made a HUGE difference in how I crochet

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No contest, these are the best hooks I have ever used. With them I can crochet longer and faster. Read the full clover amour crochet hook review.

When I received my Clover Amour crochet hooks, it was literally love at first stitch.  I couldn’t believe how the hooks felt in my hand, how they slid through the yarn, and how even they made my stitches.

Are you on the fence about upgrading your hooks? I was too! In fact, it was my husband who gave me the final push to get new hooks.  (I am a serious over-analyzer when it comes to purchases.) His logic was that I will probably be crocheting the rest of my life so they weren’t something I would spend money on and only use once or twice if they were any good.

Clover Amour Crochet Hook Review

Below I have put together my top 5 reasons you should purchase Clover Amour crochet hooks. They aren’t in order of importance, because I really couldn’t decide which would be my number one reason!


In the standard 10 hook set, which includes sizes ranging from B through J, the shaft is made from a smooth, lightweight aluminum.  The handle is a bright elastomer rubber. I assumed that the thicker handle would make for a heavy hook but they are surprisingly lightweight.

The larger hooks (size K and up) have a plastic shaft so they are also lightweight despite the larger size. The weight of these hooks will not cause fatigue!

I have found that purchasing the larger hooks individually is generally the best deal on Amazon especially if you are an Amazon Prime Member. (You can get started as a Prime member with a 30-day free trial

K – 6.5 mm

7.0 mm

L – 8.0 mm

M/N – 9.0 mm

N/P-10.0 mm

12.0 mm

P/Q – 15.0 mm


clover amour crochet hooks lined up

The bright and colorful handles make it so simple to identify the different sizes. The sizes are printed/stamped on the handle, but after using the hooks regularly, you won’t even need to check the sizes.

Oh, and remember that time you dropped your hook (insert obscure location here – between couch cushions, under the table, behind the chair)? Brighter hooks means they are easier to spot when they inevitably escape!

Smooth and tapered

I am a tapered hook kind of gal and these fit the criteria. Are you a fan of inline hooks?

No contest, these are the best hooks I have ever used. With them I can crochet longer and faster. Read the full clover amour crochet hook review.

The shaft of these hooks is unbelievably smooth. They don’t look like they are as smooth as the all metal hooks, maybe because they aren’t as shiny, but they glide right through the yarn.  Even the larger hooks with the plastic shaft are crazy smooth!

You will be able to crochet faster and more evenly with the smooth shaft of these hooks.


Honestly, I don’t take many things that are labeled ergonomic seriously. It’s become a clever marketing buzzword used to sell a variety of products. I was hoping the handle of the Clover Amour Hooks would be more comfortable, but I didn’t purchase them with hopes of ergonomic benefits.

It wasn’t until I grabbed a good ‘ole metal hook to finish off a project that I realized the difference my Amour hooks have made.  My arm started hurting in a relatively short period of time using the metal hook. The ergonomic handle, as well as the smooth shaft, means less resistance and longer crocheting!


Considering all of the benefits of these hooks, they are incredibly affordable.  The price for the set of 10 hooks usually ranges from $30-$75, with Amazon almost always having the best price. (I wouldn’t spend more than $40 on the set so watch the price or make use of some coupons.)

What about the cons?

In looking through the 2 and 3-star reviews on Amazon it seems that the biggest complaint is the shortness of the hooks. For crocheters who use a knife hold, the hook length can be awkward. (I have heard that the Clover Soft Touch Hooks are better for the knife grip, but I think they are even shorter than the Amour hooks so I am not sure about that!)

Since I use a pencil grip, I’ve never had an issue with the hook length, but I did do some measuring which might help you. I measured the I-hook from Boye, Susan Bates, and Clover Amour.


Boye hooks = just under 6” long

Susan Bates = just under 5.5” long

Clover Amour = 5.5” long[line]

So, they are longer than the Susan Bates hooks but almost half an inch shorter than the Boye hooks.  Good to know!

No contest, these are the best hooks I have ever used. With them I can crochet longer and faster. Read the full clover amour crochet hook review.

For me personally, my only complaint is that dirt can show on the handles. Silly I know, but it does bug me a bit.  Thankfully any dirt or lint is easy enough to wipe off!

No contest, these are the best hooks I have ever used. With them I can crochet longer and faster. Read the full clover amour crochet hook review.
No contest, these are the best hooks I have ever used. With them I can crochet longer and faster. Read the full clover amour crochet hook review.

Did you find this Clover Amour crochet hook review helpful? Let me know if you have tried these hooks or plan on trying them! If you want to crochet faster and for a longer period of time, you should absolutely upgrade your hooks!


  1. Update to my post of October 31, 2018: While I still love Susan Bate’s inline hooks, I purchased some Clover hooks to give them a try. Surprisingly, I was able to crochet easily with them right away. They’re comfortable to hold and I’ve never had an issue of yarn splitting. I liked that the shape of the tip of the hook made it easier for me to get into tighter stitches (I still crochet too tightly after 50 years! 🙂) To be fair, I also bought a Tulip Etimo hook to try. Although an excellent hook, I had an issue with yarn splitting. Maybe it’s just how I crochet as many people love the Tulip Etimo Hooks. I personally crocheted better with the Clover hooks. So, as a die-hard Bates fan, I must say that I do love the Clover hooks, too! I’m giving them a 5 star rating! Char from Phoenix, AZ 🌵🐍🌵🌵🌵

  2. I love the Amour plastic ergonomic hook! It is so light wright! However, the end of the handle has “Clover” in raised letters and it rubs blisters on the side of my hand (I hold my hook like a knife). I wish it did not have that.

    1. That STINKS but I totally see how that could happen. I wonder if you could put a piece of tape or a band-aid around the raised part?

  3. What a great article! Convinced me to try them! Which hooks do you recommend for the smaller sizes? I specifically need a 2.5 and below to 1.0.

  4. I have several set of ergonomic hooks. Love Then I also have a set of lighted hooks. The handles are very comfy. And the plastic hook slides through the yarn.
    Will never go back to standard hooks

  5. I have the Clover Amour Hooks….I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I have some arthritis in my hands and these books are soooo comfortable to use.

  6. I started crocheting when I was a teenager and had to quit about 7-8 years ago because of developing arthritis in my thumb joints (I’m 72) . I thought I’d try the Armour hooks to see if I could go back to a much loved craft. To my delight, I haven’t had any trouble or fatigue since I started using them. I love them and will never go back to the Boye hooks!

  7. This was a wonderful review of these hooks. Unfortunately (?), I am an inline hook kind of gal. I couldn’t possibly part with my Susan Bates hooks unless someone were to make a hook with the inline top, a slightly shorter shaft and an ergonomic silicone or rubber covering on the shaft. I’ve been using them all my life and I’ll be 60 in November. Now if Amour would make these same hooks with inline heads, I’d be with you.

    1. Lorraine I was a Susan Bates girl too. I would die if they didn’t have the size I was looking for and Boyd well I bought one and threw it away. I am pushing 60 also and I decided to try the clover and omg I am so glad I did. I love crocheting again. If you ever get the chance to try1 give it a whirl.

      1. Lorraine, I prefer an inline hook as well, like Susan Bates. Does anyone know of a really good quality ergonomic inline hook set? I’d love to hear from you!

  8. I love the Armour hooks! And I’m a knife grip girl–never noticed a difference in the length at all!

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