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Coco Crochet Throw – HDC and V Stitch Crochet Blanket

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Don’t you just love a quick win? Something you can start and complete before you lose steam. Maybe you are the kind of person who adds a task you’ve already completed to your to-do list just so you can have the satisfaction of crossing it off. A crochet throw is generally not a quick win.

gray and white v stitch crochet blanket draped on yellow chair

Crocheting a blanket takes time and perseverance. But the satisfaction when you’ve completed such a large project is worth the endurance. (Maybe endurance is a funny word to use with crocheting, but I bet you can think of a pattern or two you endured through.)

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Close up of half double crochet v stitch crochet blanket

I am a fan of quick wins and I get bored easily, even when it comes to crocheting. For me there is a balance between letting the repetitiveness of the motions sooth my mind while staying engaged enough to enjoy what I am doing.

gray and white striped crochet v stitch blanket

This crochet throw has the balance of being easy and engaging even though it is so simple. There are only two stitches used, but they alternate every ten rows – long enough to enjoy the motions, short enough that you don’t get bored and you get a quick win satisfaction as you complete each section.

Coco Crochet series by #stitchingtog
The throw (maybe) rounds up the Coco Series. I really enjoy the hdc and open v-stitch combo so who knows if another Coco pattern will be developed. (Click the photo above to see the other Coco patterns.)

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gray and white crochet throw blanket draped on a chair

Coco Crochet Throw – HDC and V-Stitch Crochet Blanket

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Skill Level: Easy


Be sure to check out the Clover Amour Crochet Hook Review to see why I love these hooks!


ch(s) – chain(s)
FHDC – Foundation half double crochet
hdc(s) – half double crochet
dc(s) – double crochet(s)
st(s) – stitch(es)
sk – skip
sp – space 

Finished Size:

54″ W by 74″ L


4″ x 4″ 14 hdcs x 12 rows


To start with a chain: ch 194, turn, hdc in second ch from hook and in every chain across.

To adjust the size:

  • Starting with FHDC use a multiple of 3+1
  • Starting with a chain: use a multiple of 3+1

The first gray stripe of hdcs should use an entire skein and you may need to join another skein to finish the stripe. The other gray stripes should just use one skein with plenty left to weave in.

White and gray striped v stitch crochet blanket on chair

Coco Throw – V Stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern Instructions

R1: With gray, FHDC 193, turn

R2: ch 1, hdc in each st, turn (193)

R3-10: Repeat Row 2

R11: Join white, ch 3 (counts as first dc and ch1), dc in st at the base of the ch 3, *sk 2 sts, (dc, ch 1, dc) in the next st; repeat from * to end of row, turn (check out the tutorial how to crochet the v-stitch)

R12-20: ch 3 (counts as first dc and ch 1), dc in first ch-1 sp, *(dc, ch 1, dc) in next ch 1 sp; repeat from * to end of row, turn

R21: Join gray, ch 1, hdc in each st and ch 1 sp, turn (193)

R22- 30: Repeat Row 2.

Repeat rows 11-30 seven times. (There will be a total of 9 gray/hdc stripes, and 8 white/v-stitch stripes.)

Bind off, weave in ends, grab a good book, and cuddle up!

Please tag me on social using #stitchingtog – I love to see your finished projects!

Purchase an ad-free PDF version of the pattern on Etsy or purchase on Ravelry

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