Modern Crochet Kitchen Towel Topper

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An easy crochet kitchen towel topper that doesn’t actually sit on top of your dish towel. This project is perfect for your scrap yarn and you’ll love this modern take on a classic favorite. Keep reading for the free crochet pattern or purchase the inexpensive PDF version here.

3 dishtowels hanging on an oven by crochet towel hangers

If you are looking for a perfect handmade housewarming gift or holiday gift but you don’t have time to crochet an entire set of kitchen towels, then this is the project for you. Grab some pretty dish towels, tea towels, or hand towels and add a modern handmade touch that’s a bit fancy and useful.

What is a Towel Topper?

Most of us have seen them although you might not have know what it was. A towel topper is generally a type of fabric used to hang kitchen towels so they are secure. Towel toppers are especially helpful for towels used for drying hands.

Most towel toppers are made by adding fabric literally to the top of the towel, hence the name. This crochet towel topper is a bit different in that the crochet piece isn’t added to the top, but it does sit at the top when the dish towel is hung.

The idea for this topper came from similar sewing patterns I’ve seen like the Topsy Towel.

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crochet kitchen towels with crochettowel hangers sewn in the corner

All you need is a small amount of yarn and some cute dishtowels and you’ll be ready to go! I ordered this super cute dishtowel set from Amazon to match my kitchen. Since the topper part is attached to the towel and allows you to hang the towel by wrapping it around the stove handle, there is no need for buttons for anything like that unless you want them for decoration.

For Christmas gifts, this set with red accents would be so cute if you added a green crochet topper. It’d look like a little Christmas tree holding up the towel without being too overstated. Now I need to order more towels…

Update: I did order more towels and made another Christmas Tree Towel Topper Pattern that you really don’t want to miss!

Yarn for a Crochet Towel Topper

It’s just my preference to use cotton yarn for crochet kitchen projects. Even though this modern kitchen towel topper isn’t going to be used like a dishcloth or dish towel, it’s still nice to have another absorbent material on your kitchen towel.

Who knows, you may end up pulling this off the oven and using the crochet part to help you dry dishes or wipe up messes. I love that this version is more versatile than other crochet kitchen towel toppers.

To make the quick toppers, I used Re-Up Yarn by Lion Brand Yarns. It is recycled cotton, medium weight yarn that is machine washable and dryable. Other washable and dryable cottons like Lily’s Sugar’n Cream or Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton yarn would work as well.

If you use a different type of yarn I would just suggest it isn’t something you have to hand wash or hang dry…. unless you normally hang dry your wash then more power to you!

3 crochet towel toppers hanging from oven

Stitches in the Crochet Towel Topper Pattern

To make the crochet dish towel topper, you’ll use a combo of puff stitches, chains and double crochets. You’ll finish off the bottom edge with a quick row of single crochets. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

When working puff stitches, especially in cotton yarn, I like to keep my stitches tight so I usually don’t pull each loop up to the height of a double crochet like you normally would for a puff stitch. This is just a personal preference.

There’s a photo tutorial that walks you through the placement of the stitches. Once you understand where the stitches go for the third row, the 4th and 5th rows will be simple.

How to hang the Towel with the Topper

Since releasing this pattern, I’ve received a few questions about how you hang the towel. I get it! Without actually making it, it would be totally hard to visualize how to hang it up!

3 images showing step to hang the modern towel topper

First you are going pass the corner of the towel with the topper facing you behind the oven bar, or whatever you are hanging it on. Bring the opposite corner (now at the top) around the front at feed it through the topper. Pull the rest of the towel through the topper until it’s nice and snug.

Isn’t it great that this easy towel topper allows you to keep the complete function of your dish towels? They aren’t permanently folded and only useful as hand towels now.

pin image of 3 hanging kitchen towels with crochet toppers

Modern Crochet Kitchen Towel Topper Free Pattern

Skill Level: Easy


US size 7, 4.5 mm crochet hook

Re Up Cotton Yarn by Lion Brand (Category 4, worsted weight yarn)  

Samples used 11.7 yds (0.25 oz) in Ecru, Ash, and Demin

Large Eye Yarn Needle

Dish Towels

Hand Needle and Thread


Everything you need for this project can be ordered right on online.
Save time and shop from home!

Size 7, 4.5 mm crochet hook (Amazon)

Lion Brand Re-up Yarn (Lion Brand)

Lion Brand Re-up Yarn (Amazon)

Dish Towels (Amazon)

Large eye yarn needles (Amazon)



ch: chain
dc(s): double crochet(s)
puff: puff stitch (see notes)
st(s): stitch(es)
tc: turning chain
sc(s): single crochet(s)

Gauge: gauge is not critical

Finished Size: sides- 4” bottom-5.25”


puff stitch: [yo, pull up a loop] 3 times (7 loops on the hooks), yo, pull through all 7 loops on the hook. (Used for all puff stitches after Round 1.)

Turning chain (tc): the ch 3 to start each row counts as a dc and is referred to as the tc or turning chain

Once you’ve finished the triangles, you may want to send them through a wash and dry cycle before sewing them together. (It’s a good idea to wash your new dish towels first too.)

Crochet Kitchen Towel Topper Pattern Instructions:

Ch 4,

Row 1: (dc, puff, ch 2, puff, ch 1, 2 dc) in 4th ch from hook, turn.

Row 2: ch 3, dc in same st, dc in dc, (puff, ch 1, puff, ch 2, puff, ch 1, puff, ch 1) in ch-2 space, dc in dc, 2 dc in tc, turn. (3 dcs on each side)

Row 3: ch 3, dc in same st, dc in the next 4 sts, (puff, ch 1, puff, ch 2, puff, ch 1, puff, ch 1) in ch-2 space, skip puff, dc in the next 4 sts, 2 dc in tc, turn. (6 dcs on each side)

Row 4:  ch 3, dc in same st, dc in the next 7 sts, (puff, ch 1, puff, ch 2, puff, ch 1, puff, ch 1) in ch-2 space, skip puff, dc in the next 7 sts, 2 dc in tc, turn. (9 dcs on each side)

Row 5: ch 3, dc in same st, dc in the next 10 sts, (puff, ch 1, puff, ch 2, puff, ch 1, puff, ch 1) in ch-2 space, skip puff, dc in the next 10 sts, 2 dc in tc, turn. (12 dcs on each side)

Turn your fabric so you are now working along the bottom, unfinished edge

ch 1, work 3 scs around the post of the first dc then 2 sc around the post of every dc or tc, work 3 scs around the last tc. (22)

crochet triangle with puff stitches

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Place triangle on your dishtowel so the corners line up. On each side, attach by sewing approximately 1 inch from the bottom of the triangle towards the corner. (I used just a needle and sewing thread.)

lines showing where to sew to attach the towel topper

Towel Topper Photo Tutorial

Row 1: (dc, puff, ch 2, puff, ch 1, 2 dc) in 4th ch from hook, turn.

(Picture shows completed row 1 with the stitches labeled.)

labeled crochet stitches in the start of a crochet triangle

Row 2: ch 3, dc in same st,

starting row 2 with a dc in the same st as the ch

dc in dc,

continuing row 2 with a dc

(puff, ch 1, puff, ch 2, puff, ch 1, puff, ch 1) in ch-2 space,

(Picture shows a mostly completed Row 2 with arrows showing the placement of the next stitches.)

row 2 with the placement of the last 2 stitches labeled

dc in dc, 2 dc in tc, turn. (3 dcs on each side)

completed row 2 of a crochet triangle

Row 3: ch 3, dc in same st, dc in the next 4 sts, (puff, ch 1, puff, ch 2, puff, ch 1, puff, ch 1) in ch-2 space, skip puff, dc in the next 4 sts, 2 dc in tc, turn. (6 dcs on each side)

(Picture shows a completed Row 2 with arrows showing the placement of the stitches for Row 3.)

crochet triangle with the stitches labeled for row 3


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collage of dishtowels and dishclothes
Farmhouse Crochet Dish Towel | Textured Crochet Washcloth Pattern | Crochet Kitchen Towel Pattern

Will you share pictures of your finished projects?


  1. Excited to try my 1st 1; going In Niece’s Sr.grad, 1st apartment, 18th bday gift pack.

  2. I whipped up 15 of these crochet hangers in one weekend. I ordered hand towels that were 12 inch by 12 inch, and some dishtowels like the ones you show. The towels came on Sunday afternoon and I pulled out my sewing machine and zip zip I had 15 gifts!! The 12 X 12 are a little small, but prefer them than the long tea towel hanging almost to the floor. My friends have cats and I can only fear what they might do to a towel swinging off the stove door! Thanks for the pattern!

  3. Love the pattern very easy. I bought it so I always have it! I do think the purchased pattern should include how to have the towel.
    Thank you

  4. This is pretty slick! I’m making my MIL some topped tea towels for her birthday (she recently renovated her kitchen) so I think I’ll try my hand at adapting this to be a dishcloth to match! Thanks 🙂

  5. Great pattern – thank you, I’m making a few for myself and easy gifts. . I’ve found the tea towel can be quite long

  6. I can’t even figure out row one! Please help. I love this topper but can’t find any videos or anything that makes sense to me on out to start it!

    1. Hi Michaela,

      So all of the stitches from row 1 go in the 4th ch from the hook. Were you able to follow along with the pictures? There’s a pic of row 1 completed with the stitches labeled that should help.

  7. this is great and I like your idea of a xmas tree, however, it would be upside down… would you just sew it on upside down?

    1. Patti,

      I totally didn’t think that completely through until the other day. Yes, it would be upside down and yes, I would sew it on the opposite way. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet though but I still think it will work.

  8. Thanks for this clever idea! A great stash buster and I will be making it for the upcoming holidays♥ So clever!!

  9. I absolutely love this pattern! Do you attach the crochet piece to the towel with yarn or thread I just used thread on my first one but it doesn’t seem to sturdy : /

    1. I used the full towel. Didn’t cut anything and just put it in one of the corners. I haven’t tried it on thicker towels but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. It may be harder to pass all the fabric through to hang the towel but it should still work.

  10. I could not find any information about the corner of the towel that will be covered by the triangle. Is it trimmed? Is the rough edge sewn? Do you have to use those type of thin towels or can you use the thicker style also?
    Thanks for sharing the pattern. Great idea!

  11. I have been looking for this very thing for my son. (Me too) I wasn’t happy with the others toppers. I just found this post. I’m starting one now. Thank you for sharing!

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