Mug Cozy Crochet Pattern

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The Matchy Mug Cozy Crochet Pattern is a perfect quick gift project. Grab some scrap yarn and a hook and you’ll whip up a few of these in an evening! Keep reading for the free crochet pattern or purchase the inexpensive PDF right here.

crochet mug cozy in front of a Christmas tree

These cozies were made to fit our favorite red mugs which we call our matchy mugs because we only have two of them.

When life was a little slower and I didn’t find myself having to reheat my coffee 60 times in the morning (aka before kids), the hubby and I would wake up on a Saturday morning, grab our matchy mugs full of hot coffee and enjoy a quiet and peaceful waking up process.

Now I use a travel mug that keeps my coffee hot and has a lock that little fingers haven’t managed to figure out yet. The travel mug saves on the reheating but isn’t quite as quaint or fun as our matchy mugs. I’m sure once the kids are a little older I’ll be able to switch back to normal mugs.

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How To Crochet a Mug Cozy

This cozy is made by working in short rows to make a long rectangle. The rectangle is just long enough to fit around the mug from one side of the handle to the other.

mug cozy crochet rectangle laid out flat

By adding a loop to one end and a button to the other, the cozy can be secured through the handle and is easily removed for washing.

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Yarn used for the crochet mug cozy

To make this simple mug cozy, I used Paintbox Yarn Cotton DK which is a Category 3 weight yarn. They yarn comes in little 1.7oz skeins and is available in over 50 colors. I order Paintbox Yarn right from LoveCrafts.

Since this is a great scrap yarn project which easy stitches, you can use different weights of yarns – whatever you have in your stash. Just keep the starting chain an even number and use the finished measurements to determine your starting chain and number of rows.

crochet cozy with button on a red button sitting on a down table

Stitches used for the mug cozy

At first glance you may not recognize that the only stitch used for the cozy is a half double crochet. By alternating working in the front loop and back loop of the row below you get a unique and beautiful texture.

close up of crochet coffee mug cozy with button sitting on a down table

When I made the first crochet mug cozy I started with a normal row of half double crochets but the first row ended up much wider than the rest of the cozy.

By alternating working in the top loop and bottom loop of the chain, the stitches sit closer together and the first row was the same width as the rest of the cozy. If you want to start with just a normal row of hdcs, I suggest using a smaller hook for the chain and 1st row.

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blue mug cozy on a red cup sitting on a table

Matchy Mug Cozy Crochet Pattern

Purchase an ad-free, printable PDF of the crochet pattern right here.

Skill Level:



US size F, 3.75 mm crochet hook – You can get my favorite hooks right on Amazon individually or part of this well-priced set.

Paintbox Yarn Cotton DK (Category 3 weight yarn – 1.7oz/137yds)

Sample used 0.42 oz in Duck Egg Blue

Large Eye Yarn Needle – These are my favorite from Amazon

Button (optional)


ch(s): chain(s)
hdc(s): half double crochet(s)
FLO: front loop only
BLO: back loop only

Gauge: 3” x 4” = 15 sts by 14 rows

Finished Size: 3” x 9.25”                                                                                     


The lovely texture on this mug cozy is created by alternating half double crochets in the front loop and in the back loop. Each row starts with a half double crochet in the front loop only then alternated BLO and FLO.

When working Row 1, you will alternate working into the top loop and bottom loop of the chain. This allows the stitches to sit closer together like the rest of the project. You can also try going down a hook size for the chain and row 1 if you don’t want to alternate the stitches as you work into the chain.

Top loop of the second chain from the hook.

crochet chain on a hook with a needle pointing to the top loop

Bottom loop of the next stitch

crochet chain on a hook with a needle pointing to the bottom loop

First row alternating working in the top loop of the chain and the bottom loop.

swatch showing stitches alternated in the top and bottom loop of the chain

Pattern Instructions:

Ch 16 (multiple of 2)

Row 1: ch 1, hdc in the top loop of the 2nd ch from the hook, *hdc in the bottom loop, hdc in the top loop, repeat from * across, turn. (15)

Row 2: ch 1, *FLO hdc, BLO hdc, repeat from * across, turn. (15)

Repeat row 2 until you’ve reached a total of 32 rows or the mug cozy reaches desired length. Fasten off.

Sew button in the center of the end of one side of the mug cozy.

Attach yarn in the 8th stitch on the other side of the cozy. Chain 11 or appropriate length to reach around the button when the cozy is on the mug. Sl st in the same st and fasten off. Weave in ends.

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What will you use this crochet heart pattern for? Will you share pictures of your finished projects?

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