Stripes and Plaid Crochet Scarf Pattern

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Buffalo Plaid plus stripes – two of the best patterns – combine in this fun Stripes and Plaid Crochet Scarf Pattern.black and white striped crochet scarf with buffalo plaid and black


Wait! Are you about to click back because you see all the buffalo plaid… those stripes… ALL THE COLOR changes and think it is just too tough?

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This year I am part of Bible Study fellowship (follow me here, I promise this has to do with the scarf!), which is a global organization that has amazing bible studies that are used around the world!

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Every week when we have our leaders’ meeting, we sit in large circles of about 30 women each. Our ages range from the 20s all the way to the upper 70s and let me tell you, I love the diversity in age and even more so the diversity in styles.

black and white striped crochet scarf with buffalo plaid and black

During our meetings I take time to look around and make mental notes about what people are wearing. One of my favorite things to notice is the ladies that just aren’t afraid of color or color combos. I get so much inspiration from them!

Pinterest is great for inspiration but there’s just something about seeing clothing and colors out in the wild (you know, the wild of our suburban Bible Study group) that can’t be replicated as well in a picture.

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Anyway, one of the gals, whose style I love, came in wearing a shirt similar to this one on Amazon (I have no idea if that’s the exact same one she bought) and I LOVED it. After awkwardly staring a bit I decided it must be made into a scarf!

crochet buffalo plaid with black and white strips

(side note on the photo above – all the white in the background isn’t a clever photoshop trick, IT IS SNOW…SO MUCH SNOW!!!!)

I can’t get enough of Buffalo Plaid. It is just one of the most fun patterns and stripes have always been my favorite!

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The large black section gives you a break from color changes and since you are working easy half double crochets the black yarn isn’t terrible to work with!

buffalo plaid crochet scarf pattern with stripes

Wouldn’t this scarf also look great in gray plaids? Or in pinks for spring? There are so many options and I wish I had time to make them all!

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Stripes and Plaid Crochet Scarf on hanger pin

Stripes and Plaid Crochet Scarf Pattern

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Skill Level: Easy


#4 Medium Weight Yarn – sample used Loops and Thread Impeccable Yarn  (4.5 oz / 127.5 g, 285 yds / 206 m)

  • 0.55 oz of Claret (Red)
  • 1.25 oz of Burgundy
  • 1.15 oz of White
  • 7.7 oz of Black

Size I/5.5 mm Crochet Hook (Amazon carries my favorite hooks!)

Large Eye Needle (and my absolute favorite needles!)

Gauge: 4″ x 4″ = 15 hdcs by 11 rows

Finished Size: approx 10.25″ by 77″


ch(s): chain(s)
hdc(s): half double crochet(s)
st(s): stitch(es)


Basic Construction:

The scarf is made by first working the buffalo plaid section, then a long solid black section, followed by the final section of black and white stripes.

buffalo plaid crochet scarf with stripes

Color changes:

Color changes are made by completing the last stitch of the previous color in the new color or completing the last stitch of the row in the new color.

Buffalo Plaid Section:

Each color block is 5 hdcs by 4 rows.

Carry the non working yarn and work your stitches over it when not using it.

I cut the black or red at the end of each section/block (4 rows) but the burgundy was carried throughout the entire plaid section.

It is easier, especially for weaving in your ends, to join the red when you need it in the row instead of at the beginning of the row.

Striped Section:

I did not cut the yarn at the end of each stripe section, but carried it up to the next section. If you want a cleaner looking edge you’ll want to cut at the end of each stripe.

black and white crochet stripes

Stripes and Plaid Crochet Scarf Pattern Instructions:

ch 36 with black

Row 1: hdc in the 2nd ch from hook, hdc in the next 4 chs, *change to burgundy, hdc in the next 5 chs, change to black, hdc in the next 5 chs, repeat from * to end of the row, turn.

Rows 2-4: ch 1, *with black hdc in the next 5 sts, change to burgundy, hdc in the next 5 sts, repeat from * to end of the row, turn.

Rows 5-8: with burgundy ch 1, *hdc in the next 5 sts, change to red, hdc in the next 5 sts, repeat from * to end of the row, turn.

Rows 9-12: with black ch 1, *hdc in the next 5 sts, change to burgundy, hdc in the next 5 sts, repeat from * to end of the row, turn.

Rows 13-48: Repeat rows 5-12 four times then repeat rows 5-8 one time.

Rows 49-160: with black ch 1, hdc in each st, turn.

Rows 161-162: with white ch 1, hdc in each st, turn.

Rows 163-164: with black ch 1, hdc in each st, turn.

Rows 165-212: repeat rows 161-164.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

buffalo plaid and striped crochet scarf rolled up


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black and white striped and buffalo plaid crochet scarf

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  1. Let them creative gifts keep flowing at the Bible studies! Girl this scarf is beautiful! I’m now going to learn how to crochet plaid!!! Thank you for sharing ♥️🙏🏼

  2. I LOVE THIS SCARF!!! I’m a plaid freak and plaid slouchy hats with faux fur poms is my favorite to make, so I just had to make myself one of these! The only issue I’m having is the solid black and striped sections ended up being 1 1/2″ wider than the plaid section, but I’m thinking if I go down a hook size and do a little blocking to the plaid part it will work out just fine, I’m definitely not giving up on this one, I will make it work! Thank you so much for such a cool pattern 🙂

    1. Hi Emily! I am so glad you like the scarf. My striped section was a bit wider than my plaid section too. It happens since you tend to crochet with a tighter tension during those plaid color changes. Blocking it might help even it out a bit.

      1. I ended up hdc decreasing twice in the third row of black, then again once in the middle of the row a couple more black rows up, with a total of 32 stitches instead of 35 the rest of the way up, it worked perfectly 🙂 sizing down a hook was going to make it stiffer than I liked, 5.5mm is my favorite hook size anyways 🙂 cheers!

  3. I really love plaid. I think it’s time I take the plunge and attempt it in crochet. I really like to mix things up and this is a good inspiring start.

  4. P.S. Could you make more of these photos available for Pinterest posting. The single one doesn’t do this beautiful scarf justice. 🙂

  5. I think the stripes and buffalo plaid look great together! Hmm…thinking of other color combos it’d look good in too! 😉

    I’m glad to hear that Buster Bruce is doing better and I understand about never dreaming of the “extra” that can crop up in just reg. maintenance. I recently (3 months ago) went through a huge scare when I found out mine hade swallowed a fishing hook with line attached. (no clue how) Without surgery we would’ve lost him. I’m happy to report He’s doing really well! 😉

  6. LOVE it!! It’s simple but so different. It fits perfectly in the theme of my Pinterest site, which is KISS (Keep it Simple and Stylish) and Hug Crochet. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. Hugs to your cat (I have a dog with diabetes).

  7. Oh my God I love that scarf. It’s beautiful and I think it would look good in grey also. I can’t wait to make it. I hope you’re cat is ok. Thank you for all the patterns you give us. You’re the greatest.

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