crochet bag with panda bear face

5 Crochet Halloween Treat Bag Patterns

Crochet Halloween Treat bags are quick, easy and can be tailored to match any costume.  These trick or treat bags are an easy, quick c2c project with fun and simple designs. If you haven’t seen them yet, there are already five crochet Halloween Trick or Treat bag patterns/graphs released. These five new treat bag patterns are […] Read more…

2 crochet trick or treat bags with bat and heart

Crochet Trick or Treat Bag Pattern | Free Patterns

Before diving into the crochet Trick or Treat bag pattern, let’s talk a bit about chocolate. Did you know that an estimated 2.1 million children are used as laborers in cocoa plantations in West Africa? Were you aware that children are often trafficked and sold into forced slavery harvesting cocoa beans to make chocolate? At this […] Read more…

geometric crochet pillow in black and ivory still on a yellow chair

Geo Modern Crochet Pillow Cover

You’ll love this modern crochet pillow that’s made using the corner to corner (c2c) crochet technique. A modern pillow that’s magazine ready, made just by you.  For some unknown reason I have a bunch of pillow forms hanging around my house and I am really not sure where they all came from. Pillow forms are […] Read more…