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Scroll down for the entire free pattern for a crochet beach bag. (You can purchase the ad-free PDF of this pattern.)

I’m off to sunny San Diego next week.

Before you get too excited for me, it is for work and I fly out on Mother’s Day.

I told my boss that my real Mother’s Day gift is having alone time on the airplane. Ha!

There will be crocheting!

Anyway, since I’ve known this trip was coming up, I’ve had the beach on my mind.  While I most likely won’t have time to dip my toes in the ocean, a good crochet beach bag with beautiful shell stitches is always useful.

Take me to the Beach Tote

The shell stitch is not a hard one to master and it adds such delightful texture.  If you need some visual guidance on the shell stitch, Persia Lou has a handy photo tutorial.

Each row starts with the turning chain then three double crochets and each row ends with 4 dcs. I wanted the shell pattern somewhat boxed in and structured and I like the extra details the dcs add along the side.

Take Me to the Beach Tote – Crochet Beach Bag

Purchase the ad-free printable PDF of this pattern


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US-Size I/9 Crochet Hook (Clover Amour Hook, Size I)

5 balls Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in Stonewash

2 balls Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in white

Large Eye Tapestry Needle


yo – yarn over
ch(s) – chain(s)
fsc  – foundation single crochet
fsc up – foundation single crochet up
sc(s) – single crochet(s)
dc(s) – double crochet(s)
sk – skip
slst – slip stitch


To foundation single crochet up insert hook into stitch with the last sc made, pull up loop, yo and pull through first loop, yo and pull through both loops on hook.  Continue like a normal fsc. To join, slip stitch into sc, sc into same sc.

Finished Size:

18″ wide x 20″ long

Crochet Beach Bag Pattern Instructions:

Row 1: Fsc 69, turn (Main color-stonewash)

Rows 2-4: ch 1, sc in each sc across

Row 5: ch 2 (counts as 1st dc),  dc in next 3 sc, *5 dcs in next sc (you made a shell!), sk 2 scs, sc in next sc, sk 2 scs; *repeat until the last 5 scs; 5 dc in next sc, 4 dc, turn

Row 6: ch 2 (counts as 1st dc),  dc in next 3 dcs, * sc in top of shell (3rd dc of 5 dc shell), 5 dc in sc between shells; *repeat until final shell; sc in top of last shell, sk 2,  4 dc, turn

Row 7: ch 2 (counts as 1st dc),  dc in next 3 dcs, *5 dcs in next sc, sc in top of shell; *repeat; 5 dc in last sc, 4 dc, turn

Rows 8-26: Repeat Rows 6&7

Row 27-34: change color to white- continue to repeat rows 6&7

Row 35-36: change color to stonewash – continue to repeat rows 6&7

Row 37-40: change color to white- continue to repeat rows 6&7

Rows 41-44: change color to stonewash – continue to repeat rows 6&7

Row 45: (starting the handle row) ch 1, sc in each stitch across until the sc after the 3rd shell. (23 scs); start fsc up (see note), fsc 98, sk 4 shells, join with slst to sc after 4th skipped shell, sc in same sc as slst, sc in each stitch to the end of row, turn

Row 46: dc in each sc, turn

Row 47: ch 1, sc in each sc to end, bind off.

Make second side same as the first.

Join sides together. I joined the sides using scs around the sides and bottom.  The single crochet border actually looks really cute and makes this totes reversible.  (Wow, that was supposed to say, “tote reversible” but “totes reversible” works too.)

Don’t forget to Pin this to your boards to save for later and share so others can enjoy! Thanks

Take me to the Beach Tote

11 Comments on Take Me to the Beach Tote – Crochet Beach Bag

  1. I have attempted my first 2 rows twice and it measures 21″ across. When joining the 2 panels will it be closer to 18?

    • Hi Beth, It won’t get that much smaller when you join the two panels. It is likely that your tension is more relaxed. You can try going down a hook size or enjoy a larger bag!

      • Thank you very much. Down a size I will go. I may try a tighter chain as well. Its a beautiful bag so I will be giving it another try 😁

    • Hi Erin! The pattern is started with foundation single crochets instead of a chain, but if you would like to start with a chain, you would chain 70 and then sc in the 2nd chain from the hook. You should have 69 scs for that starting row. Hope that helps!

      • In rows 6-7, when you say 3 dcs in the next 3 dcs, do you mean 3 dcs in each of the next 3 dcs or 3 dcs total in the next 3 dcs? I hope this wasn’t confusing!

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