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Crochet Wall Decor Ideas

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From baskets to tapestries, to mandalas and more, there are so many different crochet wall decor ideas you can use to display your crochet skills in your own home.

graphic with different crochet wall hangings and words "Crochet wall decor ideas to make for your home."

Below you will find a round-up of wall art ideas free crochet patterns as well as some gorgeous paid patterns. You are sure to find your next favorite crochet hanging decor.

It should be obvious that I love crocheting, but my passion for the last several years has been focused on designing which doesn’t leave me with much time to crochet other designers’ patterns.

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I’ve mostly been fine with that until it came to putting together this round-up. I’ve been absolutely blown away by so many of these gorgeous crochet wall hanging patterns.

I keep eyeing my office wall and other blank walls in my home wondering how many crochet wall hangings is too many?

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graphic with different crochet wall hangings and words "Crochet wall decor ideas to spruce up your space."

Wall Decor Crochet Ideas

3 crochet baskets sitting on a shelf filled with yarn or flowers

Hartfield Hanging Basket Crochet Pattern by Stitching Together

These gorgeous baskets hang in my office and hold some of my favorite skeins of yarn. They work well hanging anywhere in the house you need some extra storage. They’d be exceptionally cute in a bathroom holding extra hand towels or washcloths. You can also make the small pen holder version for your desk or to hang.

gold, ivory, black, and gray textured crochet wall hanging

Woven Crochet Wall Hanging by One Dog Woof

Couldn’t you just picture this gorgeous DIY wall hanging in your favorite boutique store? It’s one of those projects that will make people respond, “I can’t believe you made that!” Instead of following a step-by-step pattern, the tutorials teach you how to customize and make your version of this wall decor. Lovely, right?

large crochet wall tapestry with a giant monstera leaf in the pattern

Monstera Crochet Wall Art Hanging by MYI Home Decor

It takes so much self-control not to drop all of my other WIPs and start on the Monstera Wall Hanging immediately. It is just so gorgeous and clever. According to the designer, the pattern includes both row by row instructions and a graph to follow. Isn’t it amazing what you can create with just rows of single crochet?

crochet wall hanging on a stick

Modern Crochet Wall Hanging by Stitching Together

The simple bobble design, long silhouette, and added fringe make this hanging a great modern piece to add to a narrow width of wall space. It would even work great as part of a gallery wall design. You can easily use a dowel to hang it, but don’t you think the branch adds something special?

crochet wall hanger holding books

Boho Book Nook Crochet Hanger by Belle and Bean Crochet

Beauty and function come together in this lovely boho crochet book nook. I love the color the sample is crocheted in and I love that you can make it in any color you’d like to match your home decor.

crochet hanging envelope containing a book next to a plant

Hanging Wall Basket by Winding Road Crochet

If you can crochet a simple square, you can crochet this adorable envelope wall basket. I love the idea of using it or mail or having it hold a cute plant. I can think of several places an easy crochet basket like this would be helpful in my house.

nursery wall decorated with prints and a large crochet rainbow hanging

Rainbow Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern by Haley Handcrafted Shop

Rainbow wall hangings have been incredibly popular over the last couple of years so it is fun to see one that uses crochet. The reviews on this pattern are wonderful and it is fun to see the reviewers completed projects. Doesn’t it look fabulous as part of a baby nursery decor?

large pink crochet flower on a white background

Flower Power Crochet Wallflower by Crochet 365 Knit Too

Instead of hanging a giant metal flower on your wall (have you seen those?) you can crochet a beautiful wallflower. This cute and clever design would look especially perfect in a chic nursery.

semi circle boho crochet wall hanging with part of a plant in front

Blossom Wall Hanging by One Dog Woof

Besides being absolutely beautiful, this wall hanging is wonderful because it can be hung in two different ways to get a completely different look. I am not sure which way I like better, how about you?

triangular crochet wall hanging made with bobbles and long fringe

Bobble Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern by DeBrosse

Modern elegance is how I would describe this triangle wall hanging with a diagonal fringe. The large bobbles add the most gorgeous texture. It is marked as an Easy to Intermediate skill level.

cute crochet clock with a little crochet bird perched on it hanging next to a bed and above a plant

Yarn Cuckoo Clock Wall Hanging by One Dog Woof

A whimsical and minimal clock that uses crochet? Who could dream up such a thing? ChiWei, that’s who. I shouldn’t be surprised because all of her designs are phenomenal. Be sure to take some time to browse her site when you look at the clock pattern.

crochet design with bobbles and a triangle relief in a different color.

Bobble Stitch Wall Hanging by Love and Stitch Designs

This wall hanging would be cute without the triangle cutout, but that added pop of contrast just makes this piece artistically beautiful. I feel pleasantly surprised every time I look at it. This shop has MANY other creative wall hanging patterns so be sure to browse around a bit.

off white crochet wall hanging with diamond pattern

Popcorn Crochet Wall Hanging Pattern by Country Willow Designs

This free crochet wall hanging pattern from the Country Willow Designs was an instant favorite the first time I saw it. I love the blend of puff stitches and the diamond motifs. I’ve already included this pattern in the What to Crochet with Cotton Yarn round-up but I couldn’t help including it here too.

styled buffet with a plant, clock, and crochet hanging baskets

Small Hanging Baskets Crochet Pattern by DeBrosse

I’m not sure what I would put in these teardrop crochet baskets, but they are lovely enough to just hang on the wall empty. The combination of the little wooden rings plus crochet fabric is giving total minimalistic boho vibes.

crochet tapestry with a sun over pink dunes hanging over a table top with plants

Sun Wall Tapestry Crochet Pattern by Flor Samoilenco DIY

Another gorgeous tapestry design that makes a big impact with a minimalist design. It reminds me of the sun setting over the desert and has me longing for warmer weather! Amazing how you can create something so beautiful with easy crochet stitches.

2 toned wall hanging with a diamond puff center and fringe

Boho Diamond Wall Hanging by Cream of the Crop Crochet

This small boho wall hanging looks like a perfect quick project to add a quick touch of crochet to your wall decor. I love the bobbles and surprising color change.

crochet plant hanger with a lovely plant flowing out of the pocket.

Crochet Plant Wall Hanger Pattern by Little Light Design

I didn’t find as many plant wall hangers as I expected to find, but do we really need more options after seeing this lovely plant hanger pattern? I love the textured diamond fabric peeking out from behind the plant.

crochet wall tapestry with 3 mountain peeks covered in snow

Mountain Wall Tapestry Decor by TLB Patterns

The mountains are indeed calling from this beautiful crochet tapestry hanging. The gorgeous texture and mountain designs make this hanging unique.

a mason jar sticker with crochet flowers inside a frame

Framed Crochet Flowers by Repeat Crafter Me

Have you ever seen crochet flowers looking so cute? I love this idea of adding a surprising touch of crochet to a canvas. It’s a great gift for people with pets who have to be careful about having live plants or flowers. (I am speaking from experience.)

embroidery hoop with a crochet relief of a colorful star

Small Crochet Mandala Pattern by Look What I Made

I am so in love with this small crochet mandala design. The bright colors popping through the neutral top stitches are so eye-catching! It’d be great for a small space in your house that just needs a pop of color.

close up of 3 different crochet hanging baskets

Bramble Basket Hanging Organizer by One Dog Woof

Made from one triangle clever sewn together, this minimalist hanging basket pattern can add functionality to your home decor. These hanging baskets are perfect for holding winter gear and keeping it organized.

small crochet and yarn rainbow in an embroidery hoop.

Crochet Rainbow Wall Hanging by Winding Road Crochet

A cute little project that cleverly combines crochet and a bit of embroidery. This is another project that would look great in a nursery and it’s especially nice that you can coordinate the colors to match your color scheme. The finished size is only 6 inches so it is really versatile where you can hang it and would make a quick baby shower gift.

plant and a long wavy crochet wall hanging

Boho Wave Crochet Wall Hanging by Crochet 365 Knit Too

Gentle wave combined with whimsical bobbles to make a beautiful boho wall hanging. The bobbles and waves almost make it look like the fabric is cinched and I like that it is a solid fabric where most wall hangings are lacier.

round crochet wall hanging in an embroidery hoop

Easy Crochet Wall Hanging by Fiber Flux

I love the combination of an embroidery hoop plus macrame-looking crochet in this circular crochet wall hanging. The center crochet part only takes 4 rounds to complete making this a quick project with a big final impact! I didn’t see a skill level included in the pattern but my guess is it would be good for an adventurous beginner since it is mostly single crochet, double crochet, and slip stitches plus there’s a video tutorial.

I am sure that after looking through all those lovely patterns, you are ready to grab your hook and get started. Which pattern will you make first and where will you hang it?

These crochet wall decor ideas also work so well for gift ideas as so many of them are neutral and would look great in a variety of home styles. I wouldn’t mind getting a beautiful wall hanging as a Christmas present, would you?