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Easy warm hat with a messy bun option. Free crochet pattern!

Have you ever visited the North Shore of Lake Superior?  If you haven’t, you should consider adding it to your list of places to visit.  It is absolutely gorgeous and the vastness of the lake baffles my mind. This past week, we rented five cabins on the shore and enjoyed three (too short!) days with family. I kept saying to myself, as the waves crashed into the rocky shore, “who needs the ocean?”.  (Sea creatures, that’s who.)

There was a beautiful storm one of the days, which cleared up enough for me to snap some pictures of the North Shore Hats and scarf, and kept the temperature cool enough that my kiddos were thankful to be wearing hats.

Easy warm hat with a messy bun option. Free crochet pattern!

I enjoy this pattern because, at first glance, the hat looks knitted. (I originally called this pattern the Not Knitted Knit Hat and then the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Knitted Hat – mouthfuls.)

The band is worked by using the single crochet rib stitch which gives a look similar to a knitted/purled ribbing.  The rest of the hat is a quick and easy camel stitch. (Half double crochets are my fav!). Variegated yarns, like this one, really make the pattern stand out.

Update: The mystery has been solved finally but unfortunately it isn’t good news! I have been searching high and low for months for the yarn I used for the messy bun hat. Thanks to a sleepless night and random Craigslist scrolling for yarn, I found it!  As I feared, it has been discontinued. (You can see pictures of it here.)  I loved how soft the Everyday yarn was which I used for the non-messy bun hat and there are some other great variegated color options.

North Shore Hat


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US-Size H Crochet Hook

1 skein Premier Yarn Deborah Norville Collection Everyday Print Yarn  in Oak Moss

Large Eye Tapestry Needle


slst – slip stitch
ch(s) – chain(s)
sc(s) – single crochet(s)
hdc(s) – half double crochet(s)
Chdc(s) – camel stitch using half double crochets
Chdc2tog(s) – half double crochet 2 together camel stitch style

Stitch Instructions:

Single crochet rib stitch – work up through the loop around the post of the sc in the row below.  See the helpful photo tutorial here.
Camel Stitch – work through the ridge loop of the hdc in the row below. (How to video by Red Heart here)



Ch 10, turn

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across.

Row 2: ch 1, turn, sc rib stitch in each sc across. (See tutorial for single crochet rib stitch)

Repeat row 2 until the band measures approximately 19” (used for both my almost 3 year old and 4.5 year old). Do not bind off. (You can sew the band together at this point or you can wait until the end which I find to be easier.)


Row 1: From the band, ch 2. Turn band horizontally and hdc along the long edge of the band.

Easy warm hat with a messy bun option. Free crochet pattern!

Join with slst to the top of the ch 2 to form a circle (if you haven’t already joined the band)

Row 2-13: chdc in each hdc. Do not join each round – just continue with the chdc. Rounds can be easily counted by counting up from the band opening if you haven’t joined it yet.


Messy Bun Option:

Row 14-16: start decreases: 2 chdc, chdc2tog, 2 chdc

At the end of round 16, sc in next chdc then slst into the next chdc. Bind off.

Regular hat:

Row 14: close of circle: 2 chdc, chdc2tog, 2 chdc until the hole closes (about 21 rounds). Bind off and use the tail to secure the hole.

Easy warm hat with a messy bun option. Free crochet pattern!

Finish hat by sewing the band together.


Easy warm hat with a messy bun option. Free crochet pattern!


Easy warm hat with a messy bun option. Free crochet pattern!

19 Comments on North Shore Hat

  1. I just started this for myou daughter, around the age of your kids. But I measured her head and it’s several inches above 19, which didn’t surprise me to much since she’s big for her age. Should I make the band longer than the 19 inches? I’m presuming I should, then just compensate from there?

    • Hi Katie! Yes you can make the band the length of her head measurement. This ribbing doesn’t stretch too much but it will stretch some so it’s fine to go slightly smaller then her head measurement if you’d like!

      • Thanks so much for the quick reply. I think I’m gunnar aim for close to 25 so there’s a chance it might fit next year (haha, not very likely).

    • Hi Jessica. I still can’t find it. I have searched for hours and hours trying to figure it out! What I will say is that I do like the Deborah Norville yarn much better for hats than what I used in the messy bun version (it is a bit scratchy and stiff although beautiful!) I’m so sorry I don’t have the name of the yarn 🙁

    • Hi! Aubrey, it will depend on the size of your yarn. The Deborah Norville yarn is fairly thin so I had 92 stitches for that hat. For my daughters hat there were 74 stitches-it took less rows to get the band to be 19”.

    • Hi Sandy! I haven’t made them in other sizes but working from the band up makes adjusting the size easier. These fit my 3 and almost 5 yo. What size are you looking to make?

        • Sandy, I don’t have other sizes but there are some great resources out there for sizing projects. The craft yarn council has some great size charts on their site. I know I’ve seen a helpful blog post recently about hat sizes but I can’t remember where. I’ll link it if I find it!

    • Hi Carol! Would you believe that I don’t know for sure!!!! I misplaced the bands during a move, which wasn’t a big deal because I was confident I remembered what it was. I thought for sure it was Paton’s Classic Wool in Autumn Spice but when I went to get more, it seemed different. (http://www.yarnspirations.com/yarn/classic-wool-dk-superwash.html?id=164492). I have been on the hunt for the correct yarn and I will let you know if I find it. The Everyday Collection from Deborah Norville has some great colorways, like Carnivale, which is similar. Sorry I can’t give you a better answer.

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