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You can make this gender neutral, modern crochet Diamond Lace Baby Blanket. Easy to make and cherish forever. Keep scrolling to get the free crochet pattern or purchase the ad-free PDF right here which includes the graph!

baby sleeping under gray and white diamond lace crochet baby blanket

When I had my first baby, I was shocked at how many baby blankets we received: store-bought ones, handmade ones, thick ones, thin ones, soft ones, airy ones, big ones, small ones….

I had no idea what I was going to need all those blankets for, and I honestly remember saying that I was never going to make a baby blanket again.

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Stack of handmade blankets

Now that my oldest is four, I have a little perspective and can look back and realize that we ended up using almost every single blanket.

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baby holding unisex crochet baby blanket - diamond lace baby blanket

This blanket is so fun to make. The pattern takes a couple of repeats to get used to, but once you do, it is a breeze! You can block it to accent the diamond lace pattern but I couldn’t bring myself to since much of the texture would be lost. I did block the Wrap Me in Diamonds Crochet Scarf if you want to see what the pattern looks like blocked.

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close up of the diamond lace stitch

Tejiendo Peru has a great graph of the diamond lace stitch.  If you speak Spanish, their site it great. If you don’t speak Spanish, you should check it out any way as it is filled with beautiful graphs and pictures. Visiting Pinterest and then searching for the Diamond Lace Stitch is the easiest way to find the graph.

I love how the pattern and texture run diagonally and the stripes horizontally. Using Sweet Rolls (amazon) makes the striping effortless and the ends minimal. I allowed the colors to change wherever they did naturally and didn’t splice and dice to get them to be perfect.

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crochet baby blanket folded on a rocking chairCheck out  Wrap Me in Diamonds Crochet Scarf for another great pattern using this same stitch.  (Use it or lose it! ha)

The border is a simple crab stitch which if you haven’t learned how to do, check out how to crochet the crab stitch. This was my first crab stitch border and I love the beauty and simplicity!

Before we get to the pattern, don’t forget to pin it for later!

gray and white striped baby blanket pin image with text overlay - diamond lace baby blanket

Diamond Lace Crochet Baby Blanket

Materials for the Crochet Baby Blanket:


ch(s): chain(s)
sc(s): single crochet(s)
dc(s): double crochet(s)
sp(s): space(s)
sl st: slip stitch


34” x 41”


When working in the chain spaces, you can work around the chain instead of into it.

Crochet Diamond Lace Baby Blanket Pattern Instructions:

Chain 137 (multiples of 9+2)

Foundation Row: Ch 5, sc in 8th ch from hook, sc in next 6 chs, *ch 5, skip 2 ch, sc in next 7 ch, *repeat until the last 2 chs remain; ch 2, skip 1 ch, dc in last ch, turn

Row 2: ch 1, sc in dc, ch 3, skip ch 2 and skip 1 sc, *sc in next 5 scs, ch 3, skip 1 sc, sc in center of ch 5 space, ch 3, skip 1 sc, *repeat to end of row ending with sc in 3rd st of ch 5, turn

Row 3: ch 1, sc in sc below, sc at the beginning of ch 3 sp, (keep sc right next to the last sc), *ch 3, skip 1 sc, sc in next 3 scs, ch 3, skip 1 sc, sc at the end of the ch 3 space, 1 sc in sc, sc in beg of ch 3 space; *repeat ending with 1 sc in the last sc below, turn

Row 4: ch 1, sc in 2 sc below, sc in beg of ch 3 sp, *ch 3, skip 1 sc, sc in sc, ch 3, skip 1 sc, sc in end of ch 3 sp, sc in 3 sc, sc at beg of next ch 3 sp; *repeat to top of the last diamond, ch 3, sc in end of ch 3 sp, sc in next 2 sc, turn

Row 5: ch 1, sc in 3 sc below, sc in beg of ch 3 sp, *ch 5, sc in end of next ch 3 sp, sc in 5 sc, sc in beg of next ch 3 sp; *repeat ending with sc in last 3 scs, turn

crochet diamond lace baby blanket hanging on side of crib

Row 6: ch 1, sc in 3 sc below, *ch 3, skip sc, sc in center of ch 5 sp, ch 3, skip sc, sc in 5 sc; *repeat ending with sc in last 3 sc, turn

Row 7: ch 1, sc in 2 sc below, *ch 3, skip 1 sc, sc in end of ch 3 sp, sc in sc, sc in beg of ch 3 sp, ch 3, skip 1 sc, sc in 3 sc; *repeat ending with sc in 2 sc, turn

Row 8: ch 1, sc in sc, *ch 3, skip 1 sc, sc in end of ch 3 sp, sc in 3 sc, sc in beg of next ch 3 sp, ch 3, skip 1 sc, sc in sc; * repeat ending with sc in last sc, turn

Row 9: *ch 5, sc in end of ch 3 sp, sc in 5 sc, sc in beg of next ch 3 sp * repeat ending with ch 2, dc in last sc, turn

Repeat Rows 2-9 to continue to continue the pattern.


Round 1: ch 1, sc in each st and sp around the entire outside of the blanket putting a sc, ch-1, sc in each corner, join with a sl st to the first sc of the round, turn.

Round 2: ch 1, sc in each st around putting 3 sc in each ch-1 sp at the corners, join with a sl st to the first sc of the round.

Round 3: ch 1, crab stitch (crab stitch tutorial) in each st, join with a sl st to the first sc of the round.

Once you finish your Diamond Lace Baby Blanket, I would love to see a picture! Use #stitchingtog on social so I can see your pictures.

44 Comments on Crochet Diamond Lace Baby Blanket

  1. Hello, are you able to show a picture of where the colors changed. Did it workout for all the rows to only have one color, that’s what it looks like in the pictures that are posted.

    • Hi Anna,

      I did not plan the color changes and allowed the yarn to change mid-row if that’s when the color change happened with the yarn.

  2. Hi, does the paid pattern include a chart? Regrettably, that is the only way I can read crochet patterns.

    • Hi Mary Beth,

      The paid pattern does have a chart included! You can also look up “Diamond Lace Stitch” on Pinterest and find a chart for it.

  3. I really like the patternfor this blanket but I am having a hard time with it. Specifically the third row. First question do you single crochet in all of the a.c. stitches at the beginning of the row? Second question is when I get past the first chain three to the next chain three the pattern doesnt match up so how do I fix it? Your help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Andrea, you will single crochet in the last sc of row 2 and then single crochet in the ch-3 space right next to your first sc of row 3. Then you’ll chain 3 and skip over the next sc in row 2 and single crochet in the next 3 single crochets. I hope that helps! If you haven’t yet, you might want to take a look at the graph I reference in the post. It may help visualize the pattern.

  4. Oh my goodness! I got rows 1 and 2 done. I thought, “hey, I can do this!” I cannot make heada or tails of it. Is there a tutorial video for this pattern? I really want to make this.

  5. Me too! Just finished the baby blanket for my great-nephew and love it so much I decided to make one for myself!

  6. Searched a long time for the perfect pattern for a baby blanket for my soon to be born niece/nephew, and so glad I found this! I just finished making it with Caron Baby Cakes yarn. Works up quickly and the pattern is easy to remember after a couple rows. It’s a nice delicate stitch which leads to an airy lightweight blanket! Thanks so much for sharing this pattern for free!

  7. Thank You for this lovely pattern. It made me realize that the project I had planned to make will work! I had wanted to make a throw for my bed in a coordinating color but also the diamond shape. I have a pieced quilted bedspread and the way it is put together the squares look like diamonds. I had narrowed it down to a couple of choices and asked my Fiancé for input. While it wasn’t your page the pattern was on, this is what he picked! Why tell you all of this? The reason is that the yarn I found that was a great match in color was actually Lion Brand “Scarfie”. I was very unsure how that would look in this pattern. Your Beautiful baby blanket made me realize that I could (and will) use that yarn and have a nice looking throw! I can’t tell you what a huge, huge help that is to me!! I’ve been mulling it over for a year! teeehee!
    Again, tytyty! 😉

  8. I’m not extremely experience in crochet, so this will be my first big project. I’m just curious on when you switch colors? After how many rows? Can’t wait to start this!

    • Hi Nicole! I used a self-striping yarn and didn’t control the color changes at all. They colors usually changed every 4-5 rows, but I think some of them were only 3 rows. You won’t go wrong either way! Have fun

  9. Love this pattern…. getting ready to start it.. making two.. one of my best friends is about to become a grandmother for the first time.. and it’s twins, a boy and a girl!! This will be a fun project!!

  10. Hi there – I can’t wait to make this pattern. I can’t find the specific yarn where I am – can you provide the yarn weight and yardage please? With thanks

    • Hi Tara! That would be useful information, thanks for asking. Sweet roll yarn is #4 medium weight 140g/5oz – 224m/245yds acrylic yarn. Enjoy making it!

  11. I love this pattern! Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to try it out. The texture it makes is just beautiful.

  12. I am new to crocheting, currently working on this blanket. It is so much fun and is easy to follow! Beautiful pattern! Thank you!

    • I’m so glad you are liking it and finding it easy to follow. I agree about it being fun! I loved working with these stitches.

  13. I’m getting ready to finish (it’s been such a great blanket to work on!!) and i’m curious about the last row. In order to mirror the foundation row, should I do row 9, except ch 2 between each sc7? And should I do anything different at the beginning and end of this row?

  14. I just started this beautiful blanket ( I have completed 30 rows), and I am in love with the design. Thankyou so very much for sharing.

    • Hi Nichole! Yes it is. It used to drive me crazy when patterns were written like that but it allows the maker to more easily change the size if desired.

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