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Suzette Stitch Baby Blanket

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The Sweet Suzette Stitch Baby Blanket pattern is perfect for making a beautiful baby blanket with gorgeous texture. This blanket is a wonderful combination of lightweight but not holey and it makes a lovely baby shower gift.

striped crochet blanket draped over the back of a small rocking chair with a stuffed bunny on the seat

Keep reading for all of the details and the free pattern or you can purchase the ad-free PDF here.

How to Crochet a Suzette Stitch Baby Blanket

This crochet baby blanket pattern uses an easy crochet stitch combination called the Suzette Stitch. If you can chain, single crochet, double crochet, skip stitches, and work two stitches into the same stitch of the row below, then you can make this blanket!

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It is rated as an Easy Skill level but I think it would be appropriate for a beginner crocheter who understands all  of the basic crochet stitches. 

The blanket has an easy striping pattern and  is worked lengthwise, so the number of chains determines the length of the blanket and the number of rows determines the width.  

striped crochet suzette stitch baby blanket draped on a blanket ladder

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Yarn Used for the Sweet Suzette Baby Blanket

I loved working with A Star is Born: Oh Baby Organic Cotton yarn and I was so disappointed to see that it’s been discontinued. Don’t worry, below I’ll give you some yarn options that I think will work just as well. 

Pairing a textured stitch pattern, like the Suzette Stitch, with a lightweight yarn makes a great combo for a baby blanket that’s dense but not too thick. 

crochet baby blanket folded over the arm of a small rocking chair with a stuffed bunny on the seat

I also think the blanket feels lovely with cotton yarn, but a cotton blend, like Premier Cotton Fair, or another natural fiber will work just as well. Of course you could also choose to use a more common baby yarn that is acrylic. 

No matter which yarn you choose, you are sure to make a beautiful blanket that will be cherished for many years. 

The Suzette Stitch

This entire blanket is made using the Suzette stitch pattern which is a single crochet and double crochet stitch worked into the same stitch of the previous row. You then skip a chain (for the first row) or a double crochet (for all of the next rows) and work the single crochet double crochet combo again. 

There’s a full Suzette stitch tutorial for right handed and left handed crocheters if you’ve not worked it before and would like to see step by step photos. 

The Suzette stitch creates a dense fabric that’s full of beautiful texture and is perfect for a baby blanket. 

collage image of a crochet baby blanket with text overlay reading "suzette stitch baby blanket free crochet pattern"

Sweet Suzette Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Skill Level:  Easy


US size F/5, 3.75 mm crochet hook

100% Cotton Yarn, Category 2, Fine/Sport Weight Yarn (180yds/1.75 oz, 165m/50 g) 

  • Sample used a total of 1779 yds (17.3 oz) in A Star is Born: Oh Baby in Ecru and Tan

Large Eye Yarn Needle


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Size F/5, 3.75 mm crochet hook

A Star is Born: Oh Baby Cotton Yarn

Tapestry Needles



ch: chain
sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
st: stitch

Gauge: 4” x 4” = 20 sts by 22 rows (taken in stitch pattern)

Finished Size: 30” by 36”


I found that putting 2 single crochets in the very last stitch of the very last row looked better than finishing the row with a single crochet and a double crochet in the last stitch.

The stripes run lengthwise on the blanket.

To adjust the size of the blanket, keep the starting chain an even number and add 15 rows at a time to keep the striping pattern.

Pattern Instructions:

Ch 180 with Color A

Row 1: (sc, dc) in 2nd ch from hook, *skip ch, (sc, dc) in next ch, repeat from * to end of row, turn. (180) 

Row 2: ch 1, *skip dc, (sc, dc) in sc of the row below, repeat from * to the end of the row, turn. (180)

Rows 3-15: Repat Row 2

Rows 16-30: Change to Color B, repeat row 2

Rows 31-45: Change to Color A, repeat row 2

Rows 46-60: Change to Color B, repeat row 2

Rows 61-75: Change to Color A, repeat row 2

Rows 76-90: Change to Color B, repeat row 2

Rows 91-105: Change to Color A, repeat row 2

Rows 106-120: Change to Color B, repeat row 2

Rows 121-135: Change to Color A, repeat row 2

Rows 136-150: Change to Color B, repeat row 2

Rows 151-165: Change to Color A, repeat row 2

Fasten off and weave in ends.

striped crochet baby blanket draped over the arm of a small rocking chair with a stuffed bunny on the seat

What will you use this crochet heart pattern for? Will you share pictures of your finished projects?

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