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Easy Crochet Ribbed Hat Free Pattern

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You’ll want to reach for this easy ribbed hat pattern anytime you need to quickly whip up a simple yet adorable hat. 

gray crochet ribbed hat with a white pom pom laying on the ground

If you can crochet a rectangle using only basic crochet stitches then you can make this simple ribbed beanie. Keep reading for all the pattern details and the free crochet pattern or you can purchase the ad-free PDF here

How do you crochet a ribbed hat? 

There are a few different ways to crochet a hat: top down, bottom up, or starting with a rectangle. 

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My favorite method is to start with a rectangle, join the ends to make a tube and cinch the top. I like it because it takes the least amount of math to adjust the size to exactly what you want. 

This ribbed hat was made to match the ribbed crochet infinity scarf and I think they make a beautiful set!


To keep this crochet hat pattern simple, I used half double crochets worked in the back loop only which gives that lovely ribbing. The last stitch of each row is worked through both loops like a normal half double crochet, giving you a neat edge that doesn’t looked stretched like it can if you work that last stitch  of the row in the back loop only. 

The texture of created by the combination of the soft, thin yarn and the ribbing is so lovely. Since the stitches are stretchy and the hat doesn’t feel stiff, it is super comfortable to wear. 

If you are just slightly beyond the very beginner stage of crocheting, I think you’ll be able to follow this crochet beanie pattern. 

close up showing crochet ribbing on a hat

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Premier Everyday Anti-Pilling Yarn is pretty much my favorite go-to acrylic yarn. It’s in my favorites because it’s easy to work with, it creates great drape and there’s a wide range of colors available. What’s not to love?

There are already many patterns for chunky ribbed beanie and even ribbed beanies using worsted weight yarn, but I didn’t see too many using DK weight yarn.  

Premier Yarn had a great reward program where you can earn points to use towards purchasing more yarn! You can sign up here through my link and you get a coupon and I get rewards. FUN!

Adjusting the Size

It is super easy to adjust the size of this hat to fit anyone. If you want to adjust the height of the hat, which I would only do if you are making it for a child, then you just need to decrease your starting chain. 

At the size provided, there’s enough height to fold the bottom of the hat up to create a thick brim. 

To adjust the circumference, you’ll want to add or subtract rows and work towards the measurement (number of inches around) you’d like. The chart provided in the simple ear warmer pattern is perfect for deciding how long to crochet your rectangle. 

Since you are working in the back loops only, the hat has a lot of stretch. Like a lot. You’re going to want to work 2-3 inches less than the smallest size in your range or 4-5 inches smaller than the measured head circumference.

So for myself, I wanted to make a small adult size, which according to the chart has a range of 19-20″. Normally, when I make a hat or ear warmer for myself I target right around 20″, but I knew that this hat would stretch so I allowed for more negative ease and made it 17.5″ long. I think I could have taken off another half an inch and it still wouldn’t have been too tight. 

crochet ribbed beanie with text overlay reading "free pattern, crochet ribbed hat"

Easy Crochet Ribbed Hat Free Pattern

Skill Level:  Easy


US size 7, 4.5 mm crochet hook

Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday DK yarn (category 3 light weight 100% acrylic yarn 100g / 3.5oz – 250m / 273yds) 

  • Sample used approximately 226 yds (2.9 oz) in Mist

Large Eye Yarn Needle

Pom Pom (optional)


Everything you need for this project can be ordered right online
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Size 7, 4.5 mm hook

Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday DK yarn

Tapestry needle

Faux Fur Pom Pom



ch(s): chain(s)
hdc(s): half double crochet(s)
st(s): stitch(es)
blo: back loop only

Gauge: 4” x 4” = 18 hdcs by 14 rows (gauge was taken with hdc blo)

Finished Size: before sewing together, the hat measures approximately 17.5” by 11” 


All stitches are worked in the back loop except the last stitch of each row. Work the last stitch through both loops like a normal stitch to get a cleaner edge. 

The rows of the hat will run vertically when the hat is finished, forming the ribbing. To adjust the hat size, you will increase or decrease the number of rows used. 

The hdc stitches worked in the back loop only have a lot of stretch, so you’ll want to crochet your hat around 4-5″ smaller than the measured head circumference.

The ch 1 to start each row does not count as a stitch.

You’ll be working your hdcs in the back loop only of each row which is the loop farthest away from you as you work.

Pattern Instructions:

Ch 52

Row 1: hdc in the 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, turn (51)

Row 2: ch 1, hdc blo in each st across until the last st, hdc in last st, turn (51)

Rows 3-60: repeat row 2. Leave a long tail end.

Join the short ends of the beanie together to form a circle and whip stitch or use other joining method. I worked through two loops on one side and one loop on the other side to match the ribbing pattern as closely as possible. 

Decide which side of the hat you want to be the top. Using a strand of yarn, weave it in and out of the stitches in the top row of the hat carefully pulling to cinch the hat closed as you work around. Add optional pom pom. Weave in all ends.

gray crochet ribbed hat with a white pom pom laying on the ground with colorful leaves around

Will you share pictures of your finished projects?

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