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Easy Suzette Stitch Crochet Blanket

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Are you looking for a crochet blanket pattern that is easy and gives you a blanket with irresistible texture? You’re in the right place. The Suzette Stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern is perfect for making a quick and cozy throw. 

striped crochet suzette stitch blanket draped on the back of a yellow chair

Yarn for the Suzette Stitch Blanket Pattern

For this gorgeous textured blanket, I used Premier Yarns Sweet Roll Frostie, which is a medium weight yarn that is 100% Acrylic. 

Frostie is super soft but not smooth and it is so easy to work with. I love the subtle color changes and I allowed them to change where ever they did in each cake. It’s nice to be able to crochet a striped blanket without having to plan color changes. 

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Premier Yarn had a wonderful reward program where you can earn points to use towards purchasing more yarn! You can sign up here through my link and you get a coupon and I get rewards. FUN! 

Because this blanket has so much texture, it will look good in solid colors too. You can grab some worsted weight yarn of your choice and whip up a few cute blankets in solid colors or in stripes.

striped crochet blanket draped on a yellow chair

Stitches for the Crochet Suzette Stitch Blanket

The Suzette crochet stitch is a simple stitch combination that only uses basic stitches: chain stitch, single crochet stitch, and double crochet stitch.

The Suzette stitch pattern is made by alternating single crochets and double crochets, that are worked into the same stitch and then you skip a stitch before working another single crochet and double crochet into the next stitch. 

After the first row, you’ll be working the single and double crochets into each single crochet stitch of the row below, skipping each double crochet.

If you like to walk through a tutorial on the Suzette Stitch, there’s a step-by-step photo tutorial right here on Stitching Together.

This beautiful stitch combination also works great in baby blankets. 

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striped crochet blanket draped on a yellow chair with text overlay reading "easy suzette stitch blanket free crochet pattern"

Easy Suzette Stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern

Skill Level:  Easy


US size J/10, 6.0 mm crochet hook

Sweet Roll Frostie by Premier Yarn (100% Acrylic, Category 4, medium weight yarn 245yds/244m, 5oz/140g) 

  • sample used approximately 1813 yds (37 oz) in Iced Coffee

Large Eye Yarn Needle


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Size J/6.0 mm crochet hook

Premier Sweet Roll Frostie

Large eye yarn needle


ch: chain
sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
st: stitch
tc: turning chain

Gauge: 4” x 4” = approximately 12 sts by 12 rows

Finished Size: 39” wide by 51” long


The ch 1 to start each row does count as a stitch and is referred to as the turning chain (tc). The last stitch (single crochet) of each row will be worked in the turning chain of the row below. 

To adjust the size of the blanket, keep the starting chain an even number.

Suzette Stitch Blanket Pattern Instructions:

Ch 118

Row 1: dc in 2nd ch from hook, *skip ch, (sc, dc) in next ch, repeat from * to the last ch, sc in the last ch, turn. (117) 

Row 2: ch 1, dc in the first sc of the row below, *skip dc, (sc, dc) in sc of the row below, repeat from * to the end of the row, sc in tc, turn. (117)

Rows 3-152: Repeat Row 2

Fasten off and weave in ends

striped suzette stitch crochet blanket draped on the arm of a yellow chair

What will you use this crochet blanket pattern for? Will you share pictures of your finished projects?

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