No contest, these are the best hooks I have ever used. With them I can crochet longer and faster. Read the full clover amour crochet hook review.

Clover Amour Crochet Hook Review

So you want to crochet faster and for a longer period of time without aching arms?  Crocheting faster and longer means MORE projects and more patterns and, maybe best of all, more yarn! YAAAASSSSSSS! I know there are technique or posture changes you could make to help you improve your crocheting, but I would like […] Read more…

Learn how to crochet the spider stitch with this step by step photo tutorial. It is an easy to follow guide for the spider stitch.

How to Crochet the Spider Stitch

Don’t you just love learning new and simple stitches?   If you can chain and single crochet it will be easy for you to learn how to crochet the spider stitch. Don’t forget to save the crochet spider stitch tutorial on Pinterest so you can refer to it later! (Loving that hook? It’s the Furls Odyssey […] Read more…

Learn how to crochet the Modified Cluster stitch with this full photo tutorial. The stitch creates adorable triangles which are great for scarves or accessories.

How to Crochet the Modified Cluster Stitch

Happy accidents are wonderful things.  I stumbled upon this modified cluster stitch during a failed attempt at another stitch.  Since it is a unique crochet stitch, a tutorial of how to crochet the Modified Cluster stitch seemed appropriate. The stitch is actually very easy and almost identical to a cluster stitch.  Starting a row with […] Read more…

Are you ready to tackle a tapestry crochet project? You can start your project with confidence using these 5 tapestry crochet tips. #tapestrycrochet #mosaiccrochet #hardcrochet

Tapestry Crochet Tips

Have you been intimidated by those gorgeous tapestry crochet patterns? It must be called hard crochet for a reason, right? Well,  as I have been working with tapestry crochet recently I have learned some tidbits that should be helpful to you. Before we get into the tapestry crochet tips, the biggest piece of advice I […] Read more…

How to single crochet rib stitch. Get the look of a knitted rib stitch with this simple single crochet technique

How to Single Crochet Rib Stitch

I love the look of knitted fabrics, but I prefer a hook to needles. I can knit, and I enjoy knitting but there is just something about crocheting that makes my mind and body relax! It’s a win-win for me when I can crochet some  fabrics to look like knits. Enter the single crochet rib […] Read more…

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