Puff Stitch Crochet Hat

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You’ll love this Peekaboo Puff Stitch crochet hat pattern and I suspect it may become your favorite hat of the season.

Mustard colored puff stitch crochet hat on ground surrounded by leaves

Doesn’t that mustard color, with the pop of ivory just put you in the mood for fall? Can you picture the gorgeous colors of the changing leaves, the smells of cinnamon and chimneys, the sounds of leaves and pinecones crunching under your feet as you take a deep breath and take it all in?

Fall welcomes in a season of rest: the trees rest, the animals rest, NATURE rests but we continue in our usual busyness. Maybe this fall and winter we can work to rest a bit more. (Isn’t it crazy that rest is something we have to work at and be intentional about?)

As crocheters, with crochet-season in full swing, when we craft and create we do enjoy bits of rest as we should.

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Keep crocheting, keep creating, keep choosing to make time to enjoy the beautiful moments of the season. We won’t regret slowing down.

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puff stitch crochet hat on a lady

Once you’ve brought this crochet puff stitch hat pattern to life, you can make the matching Peekaboo Puff Stitch Cowl. It’s made very similarly to the Peekaboo Puff Stitch Hat so after you’ve made the hat, the cowl will be a breeze.

Like the cowl, the yarn I used for the hat has been discontinued so you’ll want to check out the other recommendations below if you’d like a similar color/feel. Really, the hat will work in any worsted weight yarn so your options are only limited by your stash or your next trip to the yarn shop.

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Peekaboo puff stitch hat pin collage image modeling crochet hat


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Peekaboo Puff Stitch Crochet Hat

Skill Level: Easy



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ch(s): chain(s)
sl st: slip stitch
hdc(s): half double crochet(s)
st(s): stitch(es)
MC: Main color
CC: Contrasting color
ps: puff stitch
yo: yarn over
sk: skip
sc: single crochet

Gauge: 4″ x 4″ = 10 hdcs x 8 rows

Finished Size: approx 10.5″ tall by 19.5″ around


To adjust the size, keep the starting chain an even number.

The hat will be worked from the top down although there is no decreasing. The final rows of the pattern end up being the brim of the hat.

The last three rows of the pattern are worked as center single crochets also known as the waistcoat stitch or knit stitch. Jess at Makeanddocrew has a great video tutorial for the waistcoat stitch. Since the hat is worked from the top down, the “knit” stitches will be upside down.

Close up of brim and stitches in the puff stitch hat

Special Stitch Instructions:

Puff Stitch:

yo, insert hook into st, pull up loop, yo, insert hook into same st, pull up loop, yo, insert hook into same st, pull up loop, yo and pull through all seven loops on the hook.

HDC Row After the Puff Stitches:

(Please note that the pictures below have 4 rows in mustard between the puff stitch rows instead of 3 rows like this pattern calls for. The puff stitch cowl has more rows between the puff stitch rows.)

After completing the last puff stitch of the round change colors to the main color to chain 1. yellow crochet stitches with ivory puff stitches

Slip stitch into the last hdc of the previous round, ch 1, skip the puff stitch and hdc into the first chain 1 space after the puff stitch. Add another hdc in that same chain 1 space. Continue to put 2 hdcs in each chain 1 space after the puff stitches.

chain 1 over the puff stitch

When you finish the round, you are still going to crochet 2 hdcs in the last chain 1 space.

last hdc before the final puff stitch

This space ends up a little bigger since there was a color change in the previous round.

showing hdc at end of round

Slip stitch to the top of the first hdc of the round.

showing hdc join at end of round in mustard yarn

Peekaboo Puff Stitch Hat Instructions:

With MC, ch 46, join with sl st to the first chain to form a circle. (Leave a long tail around 20″)

R1: ch 1, hdc in each ch, sl st to first hdc of round. (46)

R2: ch 1, hdc in each st, sl st to first hdc of round. (46)

R3: ch 1, hdc in each st, sl st to first hdc of round. (46)

R4: join CC, [ps (see stitch instructions) in the same st, ch 1, sk 1, sl st into the next st] 22 times, ps in the same st, join MC, ch 1, st sl into last st of row (you will not sk a st).

R5: ch 1, [sk ps, 2  hdc in ch-1 sp] 23 times, join sl st to the first hdc of round. (46)

R6: ch 1, hdc in each st, sl st to the first hdc of round. (46)

R7: ch 1, hdc in each st, sl st to the first hdc of round. (46)

Repeat Round 4-7 three times

Repeat Rounds 4-5 one time

R22: ch 1, sc in each st, sl st to the first sc of the round. (46)

For the next 3 rows work a center single crochet (waistcoat stitch)

R23-25: ch 1, sc in st, sl st to the first sc of the round. (46)

Fasten off and weave in ends except for the tail left at the top.

Close the top: Weave the tail in and out between the stitches of row 1 around the entire top of the hat. Cinch the top closed by gently pulling the tail woven through the stitches until the hole closes. Any gaps left can be closed as you weave in the tail to secure the end.

Optional pom pom: Add a yarn or faux fur pom pom to the top of your crochet puff stitch hat!

mustard color crochet puff stitch hat hat being worn


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PDF Pattern on Ravelry
PDF Pattern on Etsy


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Wool Needles

Clover Amour Size L Crochet Hook

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  1. What are your thoughts about doing a foundation single crochet to start instead of chains? Would that impact the work-up, do you think? I’m just wondering if that might give some more flexibility–what do you think?

    1. Hi Colleen. You are actually working top down for this one and will close the top – where you started – at the end. Normally I’d say a huge yes to this question but starting with a chain or a fsc row won’t make much of a difference.

  2. Saw your hat on Moogly’s Hookin on Hump Day #179. Such a sweet hat and great pictoral instructions – thank you for sharing!

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