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Easy Stonehaven Chunky Crochet Scarf Pattern Free

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Bulky yarn + easy stitches – what’s better for a warm winter scarf? The Stonehaven Crochet Chunky Scarf Free Pattern works great for whipping up a quick holiday gift or your next favorite scarf.

purple chunky crochet scarf on a mannequin

Keep reading to get all the details of the free crochet scarf pattern using chunky yarn or purchase the inexpensive ad-free PDF version here. Either way, grab your hook and get ready to make a new scarf for this winter season.

How do you Crochet A Chunky Scarf?

Would you believe that all those stitches (besides the chain stitches) are just a variation on the humble single crochet?

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It’s true and that means that if you are a beginner who has mastered the single crochet, you’ll be able to tackle this variation and scarf fairly easily.

It isn’t one of the basic crochet stitches, but it is one you can learn easily and use in this quick project.

Like most regular crochet scarves, this scarf is just one long rectangle, but you’ll be working the rectangle lengthwise. There are more stitches in each row but less rows!

It also means that you’ll want to decide how long you want your scarf before you finish your chain or foundation row. (Make sure to read the section on length.)

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purple wrapped crochet scarf on a mannequinAbout the stitches used in the Chunky Crochet Scarf Pattern

Have you used extended stitches before? I have no idea why I waited so long to use them. They are easy and a great twist on one of the basic stitches!

This bulky yarn scarf uses the extended single crochet (esc).

If you haven’t tried it before, I have an entire extended single crochet tutorial that you’ll want to check out. It includes step-by-step instructions and photos for both left and right-handed crocheters.

Do you see those lovely ridges? They are formed by working the extended single crochets in the back loops of the stitches below.

Because the escs are taller than single crochet and half double crochet but denser than a double crochet stitch, you get amazing texture when working in the back loops, and those ridges just pop creating a chunky ribbed scarf. Wonderful!

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Foundation Single Crochet or Chain

You can either start the scarf with a normal starting chain OR you can use a foundation single crochet. There are instructions for starting with either method.

While I normally don’t love foundation single crochet (fsc) because I don’t think they blend in well with normal single crochets, the fsc works well with the extended single crochet.

Starting with a foundation single crochet also keeps you from having to work into a super long starting chain. WIN!

Be sure to check out the foundation single crochet tutorial if you aren’t familiar with this stitch or you just need a refresher.

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purple bulky crochet scarf on a mannequinCrochet Scarf Pattern with Chunky Yarn

Love at first sight.

That’s my love story with Hue + Me yarn.

We didn’t even have to wait for that first squish. The first glance told me everything I needed to know.

It’s the bulky yarn for me.

Hue + Me yarn was born from a collaboration between Alexandra Tavel of Two of Wands and Lion Brand Yarns. They developed a beautiful collection of colors that work together no matter how they are paired.

While I have a love story, they have a success story. Every single color is gorgeous and coordinates with every single other color in the collection.

(I’m guessing it’s fair to assume Alexandra is in love with the yarn she helped develop too – that’s alright, there’s enough love for everyone in this great yarny world.)

The yarn itself is a squishy acrylic-wool blend. It does remind me of Wool-Ease Thick and Quick but the ply is different which makes it feel different.

What’s great about this chunky scarf pattern and yarn combination is you can use more neutral colors and make it for anyone. This ribbed scarf will work well for men who want to stay warm but don’t want a fussy scarf.

purple ribbed crochet scarf on a mannequinYarn Substitutions

Serenity Chunky from Premier Yarns would be a good substitute. It is 100% acrylic instead of a wool blend but it will still give you a comfortable, warm, and cozy scarf.

Hue + Me Yarn is similar to Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick, however, Thick & Quick is a super bulky yarn so you’re scarf will work up to be bigger and thicker.

Is it long enough?

How long do you like your crochet chunky scarves to be?

Long enough to wrap all the way around your neck so you are nice and snuggly warm?

Long enough to just drape around your neck?

Long enough to join into an infinity scarf?

This winter scarf is perfect for the last two options. It’ll drape around your next without being awkwardly long or it’s the perfect length to join for a chunky infinity scarf.

It will wrap all the way around your neck allowing the ends to be tucked into the front of your jacket, but it isn’t long enough to have the ends drape all the way down to your waist. Does that make sense?

All that to say, please pay attention to the final length provided in the free scarf pattern and adjust it according to your needs and desires.

It’s super simple to just add stitches to the starting chain or foundation row to change the length of your scarf, but you’ll need to decide at the beginning how long you want it.

If you want a wider scarf, you’ll just continue to add rows until it is the width you want.

wrapped crochet scarf on a mannequin pin imageStonehaven Chunky Crochet Scarf Pattern Free

Skill Level: Beginner


US size L/8.0mm crochet hook

2 skeins (274 yds) in Love Song of Lion Brand Hue + Me Yarn (Category 5 Bulky Weight Yarn)

Tapestry Needle


Everything you need for this crochet project can be ordered right online!
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Size L/8.0 mm Crochet Hook (Amazon)

Hue + Me Yarn (Amazon)

Hue + Me Yarn (Lion Brand)

Large eye yarn needle (great for bulky yarn)



ch: chain
fsc: foundation single crochet
esc: extended single crochet
blo: back loop only
st: stitch

Gauge: 4” by 4” = 9 esc by 10 rows

Finished Size: 6” w by 65” long


You can start this scarf with either a chain or a row of foundation single crochets. The foundation single crochets look like and blend in with the rows of extended single crochets.

I worked the last stitch at the end of the rows through both loops instead of in the blo. (This is a preference for the edges.)

If you would like a longer scarf, start with a longer chain or foundation row. The scarf length is perfect for wearing draped around your neck or having one end tossed over your shoulder.

If you’d like to add fringe or tassels, be sure to grab an extra skein of yarn. The yarn used for the sample did not include yarn for the fringe. I used one strand of yarn and the end of each row for the fringe.

Special Stitches:

Extended Single Crochet:

Insert hook into the next stitch and pull up a loop. (2 loops on the hook.) Yarn over and pull through 1 loop on the hook. (You’ve created a chain stitch and still have 2 loops on the hook.) Yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook to finish the stitch.

Chunky Crochet Scarf Pattern Instructions:

Start with a foundation chain:

Ch 147

Row 1: Ch 1, esc in the 2nd ch from the hook and in each ch across, turn. (146)

Start with a foundation single crochet:

Row 1: fsc 146, turn

(Row 2 and on are the same for either method:)

Row 2: ch 1, esc blo in each st across, turn (146)

Repeat row 2 until you’ve reached a total of 14 rows or you’ve reached the desired thickness. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Will you share pictures of your finished crochet scarf patterns?

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