crochet mens scarf in circle

Entirely Easy Men’s Scarf Crochet Pattern

You’ll not only fall in love with this free pattern for an easy men’s crochet scarf but also the Lion Brand Color Made Easy yarn.  I don’t know about you, but I like big scarves. Like giant, over-sized, super scarves. If it’s a huge infinity scarf, even better! But I can’t just make all the […] Read more…

crochet trivet hot pad on table with spoon

Country Crochet Hot Pad Pattern

The Country Crochet Hot Pads are as functional as they are adorable. Use this easy pattern to make double thick hot pads which work well as a trivet or a potholder and can be modified to match any decor. You’ll love that these crochet hot pads are big enough to hold a large dish so […] Read more…

multicolored crochet scarf hanging

Multicolored Crochet Scarf Pattern

This multicolored crochet scarf is a super easy pattern using the moss stitch and is incredibly enjoyable to work up. Once completed, you’ll love the fun colors, large size, and cozy warmth! Pin it and favorite on Ravelry This colorful scarf was a special request from my husband last fall. Somehow I managed to surprise […] Read more…

striped crochet hat with brim

Over the Ridge Crochet Hat with Band Pattern

Sometimes kids are mean. What an opener, right? But seriously, I have three kids and they each take turns with unkindness. (As do I, of course.) The Over the Ridge crochet hat with a band was meant to be a brimmed version for my daughter of the Over the Ridge Boy Hat I made for my son. […] Read more…

Gray Ombre half double crochet blanket draped on a chair

Simple Half Double Crochet Blanket

Who knew a simple half double crochet blanket could be so lovely and modern?  This quick blanket will be a new favorite pattern and a joy to work on! When my in laws were visiting over the summer, my MIL saw the Coco Throw which I made for my husband and asked if I like […] Read more…

lady wearing a off white crochet winter headband

Windward Winter Headband Crochet Pattern

Do you need a warm crochet headband for winter? And I mean a WARM headband. One that will keep the bone chilling wind off of your ears? The Windward Winter Headband Crochet Pattern was designed to do just that and look cute in the process! Although it is almost January, winter in Minnesota is just […] Read more…

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